My Slow Food Cycle Tour Photos In Vancouver Sun Today

My photos of the Slow Food Cycle Tour in Agassiz appeared today in the weekend issue of the Vancouver Sun.

Slow Food Cycle Tour - Agassiz BC - article in Vancouver Sun and slideshow
Read the full article on the Vancouver Sun website.

Here’s a slideshow I put together featuring photos from the Slow Food cycle tour in Agassiz (takes a while to load… be patient!).

I’ll be taking photos of the slow food cycle tour in Chilliwack next weekend.  Check out Slow Food’s website for details and see you there!

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Native Education College Graduation Ceremony

Vancouver event photographers are lucky — there is an incredible diversity of assignments to shoot in the area.  The Native Education College class of 2010 celebrated their graduation at the Joe Mathias Centre in North Vancouver the other day.  I was honoured to be asked to shoot the ceremony.

Congratulations to the grads for all their achievements!

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October 5, 2010 - 8:33 am

Char - I love this, thank you for being there for us students. Char

The Beast of Bottomless Lake

BREAKING NEWS:  The Beast of Bottomless Lake nominated for Best Canadian Feature Film and wins People’s Choice Award at the Okanagan International Film Festival!

The Beast of Bottomless Lake wins People

The Beast of Bottomless Lake also just won Best Picture at the Mississauga Independent film festival, so we’re on a roll!  I was the film’s Stills Photographer.  You can see a slideshow of my stills on The Beast of Bottomless Lake’s website.

Reel West used one of my photos on the cover of their magazine:

Reel West Magazine Cover - Beast of Bottomless LakeThe Beast was made on a razor-thin budget and was a labour of love for all involved.  This is a little movie with a huge heart, and it’s a real pleasure to see it recognized with awards at the first two film festivals in which it has appeared. You can find out more about The Beast by visiting the film’s website.

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Click here to read the article in Reel West magazine.

In addition to being Stills Photographer for the production, I also play the role of Ernie McKellar in the film.  Ernie is a documentary film-maker, and much of the movie is seen through his lens.

When the movie comes out in a theatre near you, go see it!

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July 27, 2010 - 3:03 pm

Siobhan Shaw - Fabrice,
You were as the stills photographer, ‘Ernie Keller’ and an all round cool guy to work with ! It was a fun ride.
Love your photographs!
– Siobhan

Transylvania – Miklosvar, Romania

I just got back from a trip to Europe where I traveled by train through France, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey, following the route of the Orient Express. Perhaps my favourite stop in Eastern Europe was Miklosvar, the Romanian village that time appears to have forgotten. People here live much as they did hundreds of years ago, drawing water from wells, riding horse and cart, tending to their animals (cows, goats, sheep, chickens…). It’s no wonder big budget Hollywood epics such as Cold Mountain choose to film in this region; the countryside is like something out of a fairy tale, like Western Europe might have looked before the industrial revolution.

Spring flowers in Transylvania near village of Miklosvar in RomaniaA sheep in the rain on the hills near Miklosvar, in Transylvania, RomaniaA wild Orchid grows in a field, Transylvania countryside near  Miklosvar RomaniaMountain goats in the Transylvanian countryside near Miklosvar, RomaniaWild flowers bloom in spring meadow near town of Miklosvar in Transylvania, RomaniaHorses pull cart near Miklosvar: Count Kalnoky guest house in  Transylvania RomaniaEntering town of Miklosvar on horse drawn cart, Transylvania RomaniaHorse-drawn cart, Miklosvar, Transylvania RomaniaA tractor in front of the church in Miklosvar, Transylvania RomaniaTulips bloom in Transylvanian church: Miklosvar, Romania
A Transylvanian cat peers out from a wall in Miklosvar, RomaniaKids in Miklosvar, Transylvania RomaniaKids hiding behind a fence by a well in Miklosvar, Transylvania RomaniaStork on roof near Count Kalnoky guest house, Miklosvar, Romania: TransylvaniaA Stork takes flight from nest on roof in vMiklosvar near Count Kalnoky Guest House, RomaniaA puppy in the doorway of a countryside home near the village of Miklosvar, RomaniaCows come home along the road in Miklosvar by Count KalnokyWater well along dirt road behind Count Kalnoky Guest House, Miklosvar, RomaniaBench along the main road through Miklosvar, Transylvania, Romania

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June 7, 2010 - 6:58 am

Rodger Mattlage - Great images – thanks for posting them! Makes me want to return to Transylvania NOW!!

June 7, 2010 - 12:08 pm

Steve - Awesome Fab! I was just talking with someone about Romania the other night. Zo and I will have to go there ASAP.

June 7, 2010 - 1:01 pm

zoe - wow fab! so glad you posted these so quickly – they are stunning. perhaps we could get a few prints to frame from you? i love the stork in flight, sheep, and goat – i think the baby would too!

June 7, 2010 - 3:32 pm

Genevieve - Is it pollen, dust, or tiny flies filling the air in the second-from-the-top pic with the happy lamb?

Such lovely images – thank you for letting me travel through them!

And, I just LOVE the photo of the black kitty with the white nose twisting over and between the blue “barreaux” of the windowsill. Somewhere in France?

June 7, 2010 - 5:56 pm

Kenneth - Fabrice! We are enjoying your Romania Photos! What a great trip, it’s now on the list. We are coming in August so hopefully we see you then.
Kenneth and Deborah

June 8, 2010 - 8:48 pm

Thierry - Bonjour Fabrice,

Patricia m’a envoye le lien vers ces belles photos deMiclosoara. C’est que je suis en ce moment a Timisoara (une grosse ville du Banat). L’an dernier j’ai anime un atelier d jeunes documentaristes a Sibiel en Transylvanie, un tres beau village, tres semblable – seule la route et la rue sont beaucoup plus defoncees…
Merci. A bientot


July 18, 2011 - 12:49 pm

Attila Szabo - great images – I born and live there for 18 year… Thank you for these pictures.


March 13, 2015 - 3:25 pm

Ildiko Farkas - Glad to hear that otbers like our homeland too…feeling proud!

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