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The Beast of Bottomless Lake

BREAKING NEWS:  The Beast of Bottomless Lake nominated for Best Canadian Feature Film and wins People’s Choice Award at the Okanagan International Film Festival! The Beast of Bottomless Lake also just won Best Picture at the Mississauga Independent film festival, so we’re on a roll!  I was the film’s Stills Photographer.  You can see a […]

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July 27, 2010 - 3:03 pm

Siobhan Shaw - Fabrice,
You were as the stills photographer, ‘Ernie Keller’ and an all round cool guy to work with ! It was a fun ride.
Love your photographs!
– Siobhan

Shepherding in Transylvania

Travelling by horse and cart, we went to visit a shepherd camp in the hills behind Miklosvar. The shepherds spend 5 months of the year living in the mountains grazing their flock of about 300 sheep. They milk the sheep by hand three times a day and make cheese from the milk. Shepherd dogs guard the camp from bears and wolves. There are over 8000 bears in Transylvania — more than in all the rest of Europe combined!

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