Shepherding in Transylvania

Travelling by horse and cart, we went to visit a shepherd camp in the hills behind Miklosvar.  The shepherds spend 5 months of the year living in the mountains with their flock of about 300 sheep.  They milk the sheep by hand three times a day and make cheese from the milk.  Shepherd dogs guard the camp from bears and wolves.  There are over 8000 bears in Transylvania — more than in all the rest of Europe combined!

Transylvania shepherd walks with sheep in hills near Miklosvar RomaniaFlock of sheep near shepherd camp in Transylvania Romaniabarking shepherd dog in camp, Transylvania RomaniaDonkeys in Shepherd camp near Miklosvar, Transylvania RomaniaShepherd boy in Transylvania RomaniaTransylvania Shepherds pour sheep milk in camp near Miklosvar, RomaniaTransylvanian shepherd chief, RomaniaShepherd makes cheese in hut, Transylvania RomaniaTransylvania shepherd chief makes cheese from sheep milkShepherd dogs in Transylvania, RomaniaRomanian shepherd dog plays with pups in shepherd camp, Transylvania, RomaniaShepherd dog pups play in Transylvania, RomaniaRomanian shepherds make polenta, TransylvaniaA Romanian shepherd smokes in Transylvania, RomaniaFresh polenta cooked by Transylvanian shepherds in RomaniaSteaming hot Polenta, transylvania RomaniaRomanian shepherd portrait, Transylvania RomaniaTransylvania shepherdRomanian Shepherd belts are passed down from generation to generation in Transylvania, Romaniashepherd dog sleeping in Transylvania RomaniaWagon in forest near shepherd camp, Transylvania RomaniaWolf print along trail in Transylvania RomaniaSheep in shepherd camp, Transylvania RomaniaShepherd emerges from sleeping hut, Transylvania RomaniaShepherd boy carries lamb in Transylvania, RomaniaHorses wear red charms to ward off evil spirits in Transylvania, Romania

Shepherd dog, Transylvania, RomaniaShepherd chief waves goodbye, Transylvania RomaniaShepherd dogs bark in Transylvania, RomaniaShepherd and flock of sheep, Transylvania, Romania

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